Welcome to VeganCooks.com


On Sabbatical

VeganCooks.com has postponed instruction in order to focus on other creative outlets.

We are not planning on offering more classes for the immediate.

VeganCooks.com included the fantastic perspectives of a Holistic Nutritionist to support the nourishing meals and philosophies we shared. However, there are many more great blogs and cookbooks available today and we believe you can get a great start with a little bit of reading and practice! It's worth it!

Our Mission

Vegancooks.com was created to provide Vegetarian Cooking Classes emphasizing strong, whole, organic foods. By incorporating Macrobiotic principles of balance, seasonal foods and seasonal cooking techniques, these classes teach you how to create delicious, aromatic and healthy vegetarian meals.

Our Focus

These classes are for people who want their eating and cooking to be centered around health, environmental conscientiousness, beauty, compassion, harmony with nature, strength, efficiency and satisfaction.

Delicious ingredients Whole grains, beans, soy foods, nuts & seeds, seasonal vegetables and fruits, unrefined oils, natural sweeteners are the ingredients we use. The foods cooked in all classes emphasize whole foods rather than processed, organic foods, and are vegan — totally plant-based, no animal products. Vegancooks.com is for people who are seeking interesting healthy alternative ways of eating to remain disease free, increase energy and slow down aging. Choosing vegan foods not only has health benefits, but there are profound ecological and ethical reasons for doing so.

Vegan Cooks in Action

Watch this video to see a small portion of the Whole Grains class and learn how to prepare and delicious wholesome meal of Quinoa in 10 minutes!